Artpipes’ latest education installment, MUSIC, INTEGRATION & COMMUNITY actively involves students in the mechanics and performance of jazz and world music, as well as discovering the roots of different music styles. Students are involved in sharing their individual heritage in a supportive atmosphere - learning simultaneously about themselves, their classmates and society during the process.

Students are immersed in the language and history of jazz as a music style through body-percussion, making their own instruments, developing an introductory rhythmical lexicon, developing melodies in different languages to communicate shared experiences and performing with a live band in a concluding concert. Please direct enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your class’s specific needs, structure and interests. We will work with you to provide a relevant project suggestion and convenient structure applicable to your school’s routine. Don’t forget to look further at our school projects listed under Theater KEKSE!

MUSIC, INTEGRATION & COMMUNITY projects currently offered by Artpipes e.V.:

Kids Can Too!: an educational concept by Maryanne Piper
Yours, Mine and Ours: an educational concept by Maryanne Piper
Jazz - A Melting Pot: an educational concept by Christoph Hillmann
Afrika Response: an educational concept by Christoph Hillmann

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