At the core of Artpipes' cultural exchange activities lies its international jazz collaborations. We have brought about several innovative and exciting project concepts in this area since our first beginnings in 2011. We believe co-operation and collaboration are pivotal for the further development of cultural infrastructure in general in our society, and are the life-blood of independent organisations and artists. We are always interested in hearing from like-minded organisations, ensembles and initiators regarding co-operations for future projects. We develop a lot of our own project ideas, however function as a collective - meaning we work closely with involved artists to bring about worthwhile international projects utilising the networks of all involved. We are interested in organisations and artists who share Artpipes' ideal and are committed to developing a purposeful international experience.

Social engagement is a core value of Artpipes' ethos in project development. Artpipes e.V. is pleased to be working with several schools in the NRW, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg and Frankfurt areas, as well as crossing borders in Europe next year. A wonderfully varied outreach programme now offers a range of projects for the classroom concentrating on integration through the Arts. Music offers an excellent foundation to discover our own personal histories, as well as learn how we are connected to the world and society we live in. Our projects teach students to connect with their own personal heritage, while respecting and understanding that of their peers, and highlight how these combined differences bring about many similarities in our shared human experience.

Our projects concentrate specifically on the needs of your classroom. We will work with you to provide a relevant project suggestion and convenient structure applicable to your school’s routine. Please look further at our projects listed under Music and Migration for an overview of what we currently offer. We are, however, continually developing educational concepts for the classroom in this area and are open to new suggestions and ideas. Our resident ensemble, Theater KEKSE, provides young learners of English as a Second Language with an enjoyable adventure and discovery of the language in action. Please click here for further details.

Upcoming events

We look forward to welcoming you at an event soon. Please check back regularly to find out more about our upcoming projects.

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