news now booking european encounters 2016 tria lingvoCredit: Bastian Werner

Artpipes e.V. introduces its upcoming project EUROPEAN ENCOUNTERS 2016 featuring award-winning TRIA LINGVO from Cologne, Germany with special guest, oud virtuoso JOSEPH TAWADROS. The collaboration is performing through-out Europe at festivals and large venues during 2016. Please contact Artpipes e.V. directly for bookings. Further information about the collaboration and artists can be found here. YouTube clip provided courtesy of Joseph Tawadros.

news music and migration 2015 globe with childsArtpipes e.V. is pleased to be working with several schools in the NRW, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg and Frankfurt areas, as well as crossing borders in Europe next year. A wonderfully varied outreach programme now offers a range of projects for the classroom concentrating on integration through the arts. Read more about our latest installment MUSIC, INTEGRATION & COMMUNITY here.

Artpipes e.V. would now like to extend this opportunity to innovative and experienced teaching-artists with a genuine interest in sharing their experience with school children (both primary and high school level) in Germany and the EU. We are looking for enthusiastic initiators with excellent communication skills, fresh educational ideas, high artistic excellence and a passion for social awareness. If you have an idea you would like to develop further with us in 2016, please contact us personally.

Artpipes e.V. is heading to Bari, Italy for the 2015 installment of MEDIMEX! As part of a German delegation, we look forward to connecting with like-minded organisations, festivals and industry professionals at this fantastic melting pot October 29th - 31st. A big thank-you to Music ‘N’ Migration, Berlin for the invitation!

The EJC is being held at the Budapest Music Center (BMC) from September 24th - 27th this year. Organised by Europe Jazz Network, the upcoming conference is the most important annual meeting place of jazz professionals in Europe. Artpipes e.V. is represented along with many other producers, presenters and jazz support organisations at a weekend featuring networking sessions, working groups, presentations and showcases.

news kekse on tour in your schoolCredit: Anette Hammer - Freistil-FotografieTheater KEKSE is on the road to YOUR school or local theatre! If you are a classroom teacher, parental or social organisation specialising in primary/elementary education for children up to 10 years of age and are interested in KEKSE visiting your school or venue, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Focusing on English as a Second Language for children, Theater KEKSE brings well-loved, as well as new, innovative stories to life on stage through music, masks, dance and circus elements to create an English learning adventure! A variety of additional workshops are offered as a package with performances for interested classes and venues. We look forward to meeting you! Contact us today: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please look at the Theater KEKSE website for specific information about our performances and workshops.

news theater kekse and gerald the giraffe premier wuppertal 2014 pic01Credit: Anette Hammer - Freistil-Fotografienews theater kekse and gerald the giraffe premier wuppertal 2014 pic02Credit: Anette Hammer - Freistil-Fotografie

KEKSE's Jungle Dance tango-ed, cha cha cha-ed, waltzed and rock 'n' rolled at Haus der Jugend, Wuppertal! Three sold out premiere shows with fantastic, enthusiastic audiences of all ages. Caroline and Maryanne most definitely had fun! Wonderful to see so many kids come up after the show to sing their favourite melody and say hello to Gerald the Giraffe. A big THANK YOU to our supporters: Anette Hammer - Freistil Fotografie Wuppertal, Haus der Jugend Wuppertal, Kulturfonds Wuppertal, Hachette Children's Books London, Coolabi London, Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal, Stiftung Kalkwerke Oetelshofen, Vitolution Media Design Cologne, and Franziska Köppen Media Wuppertal.

news intro down under on top 2014Credit: Anette Hammer - Freistil-FotografieAfter a whirlwind fortnight of rehearsal, travel and concerts, Artpipes e.V. is pleased to announce a live-broadcast from the 2014 tour will be aired on WDR 3, October 21st at 8.05pm. It was a pleasure to hear how much the music, originally written in 2012 for Wangaratta Jazz Festival by the octet, had grown and developed. We thank all of our cultural and financial partners for their support in realising this project. Positive press and resonance provided an excellent wrap-up for this three-year international exchange project spreading over 40,000 kilometres on two continents. We look forward to the next installment. We’ve left you with a small taster of the octet’s music to be broadcast Oct. 21st. This way to CMM press and resonance 2014.

news intro no tango cmm 2014Artpipes e.V. is excited to announce the second installment of it’s Australian-German cultural collaboration. Cologne Meets Melbourne brings two leading female jazz composers from opposite ends of the world together on stage for a series of concerts in Europe, May 2014. Cologne contemporary jazz unit, the Christina Fuchs Quartet ‘No Tango’ met up with Melbourne’s Andrea Keller Quartet in Australia, 2012. Artpipes’ first exchange project brought the two quartets together in an international octet experience premiering at Australia’s Wangaratta Jazz Festival, with new music written by Fuchs, Keller and ‘No Tango’ bassist Oster.

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